Our Team

Michael W. Chang

Michael's experience stems primarily from medical, and clinical research involving research conducted at Tsinghua University in China and projects with several highly-regarded physicians and scientists from the University of California, San Diego. His early research experience was under the guidance of Dr. Iain Trowbridge, an HIV and AIDS specialist at the prestigious Salk Institute.

Michael obtained a combined masters and bachelors degree from the university under the tutelage of world-renowned speaker, author, and nutrition expert Dr. Paul Saltman. Michael's other chief mentor for his masters project was Dr. John Hansbrough, world-renowned burn specialist and Regional Director of the Burn Center for the San Diego municipal counties.

Additional research involved the study of new treatments for potential cases of osteoporosis in female athletes, with Dr. Mark Bracker, a family and preventative medicine practicioner and medical researcher. Michael also had the chance to work with Dr. Gabrielle Wienhausen and Dr. Thomas Bond, both of UC San Diego. Michael's experience in entertainment and media includes work with Media Asia Corporation and Jackie Chan Productions.