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Have some questions in your search for love? Choose one of the main topics below or scroll through the list for answers to Click2Asia.com's most frequently asked questions.


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Anonymous Emailing

How does the "Free Responses" work? Display All
Click2Asia is pleased to present our "Free Responses" promotion. For a limited time, all members will be allowed to respond to email messages received for FREE! When you receive a message in your internal Click2Asia message account, you will need to click the "Reply Now" button below the message to respond free. To initiate an email, you still need to be a premium member.
Why am I not not getting very many/any responses? Display All
Want to increase you chances of getting a response? Post a photo. Research shows that profiles with photos are 8 times more like to receive a response. when contacting other members, remember to tell more about yourself and ask questions. This gives your potential match even more reason to write back.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us <http://www.click2asia.com/contactus> and we’ll be happy to help.
I've received an email. How can I respond? Display All
To reply to email from other Click2Asia.com users: Click2Asia is pleased to present our "FREE RESPONSES" promotion. For a limited time, all members will be allowed to respond to email messages received for FREE! You must click the "Reply Now" button below the message to respond free.
What happens when I send an email? How is the email I send to other members anonymous? Display All
We respect your privacy and will keep your actual email address confidential. You'll never see it or your real name displayed at Click2Asia.com, and all written communication from other members will be directed to Username@Click2Asia.net through our internal messaging system. Our double-blind e-mail system will forward the messages to the recipients click2asia internal message inbox.

To send email messages through click2asias internal messaging system: Click the &#8220;Email him/her link&#8221; next to the members profile. Your messages will be sent to the users&#8217; internal Click2Asia message account. PLEASE NOTE: This works only when you send a message from the Click2Asia.com website. Read below to learn more about protecting your anonymity when replying to a message you've received
How does Click2Asia's New Internal Messaging System work? Display All
Click2Asia Internal Messaging system allows you to now get your messages in your personal mail inbox on Click2Asia. Messages sent from our members will no longer be forwarded to your personal email address (ie. yahoo, hotmail), but instead, only notifications of incoming messages will be sent. Flirts, Crushes, newsletters and other important Click2Asia messages will still be sent to your personal web-based email account. At Click2asia, we want to offer the best and most enjoyable service possible on the internet, so please feel free to take advantage of this new tool.

If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

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