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Have some questions in your search for love? Choose one of the main topics below or scroll through the list for answers to Click2Asia.com's most frequently asked questions.


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Crush List

What is a Crush List? Display All
Crush List is a free feature of Click2Asia dedicated to helping you find a match! Here's how it works: After you become a registered Click2Asia member, you can begin creating a Crush List simply by clicking on the "Crush Him/Her" button on the profile of someone you are interested in. Then, each of the members you "Crush" gets an anonymous "You have been Crushed!" email. If anyone on your list adds you to their list as well, a matching "Crush" is formed and we'll notify you both!
How do I maintain my Crush List? Display All
You can access your Crush List to maintain from the CRUSH tab on the top menu bar. Your Crush List works on a rolling basis.
  • Member who you add are kept on for 14 days at a time.
  • Basic members are limited to 2 Crushes listed every 14 days, Premium subscribers get up to 25.
  • Once a member is added to your Crush List, they will be locked in for 14 days. (You cannot exchange or replace a member on your list during the 14 days.)
  • You can remove Crushes at any time but you cannot replace a Crush spot until the 14 day cycle is completed
  • When someone Crushes me, does that mean we match automatically? Display All
    No, A mutual “Crush” is made only when BOTH people “Crush” each other. This means that you cannot just join the system and expect matching Crushes to roll in. If you want matches, you need to actively participate and Crush other members. If you don’t participate, you will get no matches.
    Who should I put on my Crush List? Display All
    Don't be shy! The more people you list, the better the chance of a matching Crush. So put anyone and everyone you're even the slightest bit interested in or would like to get to know better! After all, there's no chance of a rejection-the worst that can happen is you won't match up with them. If there's no match, your secret is safe with us!
    Is there any way to find out who sent me the anonymous email? Display All
    The only way to find out who your secret admirer's identity for sure is to try and form a matching Crush.
    I just got an email from Click2Asia saying someone has just Crushed me. Now what? Display All
    If you got a "You've been Crushed!" email that means someone has added you to their Crush List (the secret list of all their crushes). If it's someone you have on your list as well, then a matching "Crush" is formed and you'll both be notified!

    If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

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