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Have some questions in your search for love? Choose one of the main topics below or scroll through the list for answers to Click2Asia.com's most frequently asked questions.


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What is the "Blocking" feature? Display All
If there is ever any member who you would like to not receive messages from, you can simply "block" them and no longer receive messages from that member.

The feature is completely anonymous and the blocked member will not know they have been blocked. Simply click the "Block" button located at the top of any message and that particular member will be added to your "Block List".

You can manage your personal block list from your messages home.
Can I block certain profiles from appearing in my search results? Display All
No. The block feature only block members from contacting you by e-mail. The blocked party will not know they have been blocked. To block someone, just click the "block" button located on any email message received. You can manage your "Block List" from your inbox.

If you've done all this and continue to have difficulties, please contact us, and we'll be happy to help you.

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